The Best Motherboards for Gaming in 2020

The Best Motherboards for Gaming in 2020

The motherboard is the main correspondence facility for the pc of yours. It is exactly where most of the components plug of yours into and therefore are in a position to speak with one another. The motherboard you select for the gaming pc of yours is going to have a big effect on the quality of the build. If perhaps you decide on a low-end inexpensive motherboard, you’ll be confined to what sort of hardware you are able to get.

Nevertheless, in case you decide on a powerful and feature-rich motherboard, you won’t just encounter the advantages right now, though you’ll additionally set yourself up with a lot of space to update down the road.


While a motherboard is not going to have an immediate influence on the gaming experience of yours, it does play a substantial role in the pc of yours. Hence, you have to think about allotting a good part of the budget of yours towards the motherboard of yours.

With this post, I am going to take a glance at the greatest motherboards for gaming in 2020. I have broken down the categories into 4 various motherboard socket/chipset categories: the very best AM4 motherboards (AMD), the very best LGA 1151 motherboards (Intel), and the very best LGA 2066 motherboards (Intel Extreme).

I have taken a glimpse at several motherboards inside each socket and looked at the most effective choices in various cost ranges also. Thus, whether you are searching for an inexpensive gaming motherboard or maybe a high end overclocking motherboard, there’ll be a motherboard choice for you on this list.

*NOTE: If you are seeking to develop a smaller form factor gaming PC check out the guide of ours on the very best Mini ITX Motherboards to look for choices that work for the mini phone system of yours.

The Picks of ours for the most effective Gaming Motherboards

The table below showcases the top picks of ours for the most effective Z390 motherboard, the very best X570 motherboard, the very best X299 motherboard, the very best H370 motherboard, and the very best B450 motherboard. These are not most of the motherboards on this list, although, and therefore in case you would like to take a look at a lot more choices which will fulfill the budget of yours and needs, continue scrolling down to find out a lot more options.

1- Best LGA 1151 Motherboards

Intel finally stepped up and delivered more cores to the fanbase of its. Wherever quad-core processors were the majority for the mainstream CPUs of theirs ahead of, Intel’s brand new Coffee Lake chips (other than their Core i3 CPUs) are actually all six-core processors.



Actually the Core i3 processors of theirs got a boost, going from dual-core CPUs to quad-core CPUs, which makes them much more practical than they’ve been before for constructing a low-cost gaming PC with.

And, with Intel’s inexpensive 300 series chipset boards, the Coffee Lake chips of theirs are actually stable choices for gamers that are dealing with a small budget (although, going with a Ryzen five 2600 CPU and a budget-friendly B450 motherboard may be the greater choice based on just how much you’ve to spend).

Below, we’ve mentioned a few of the very best Z390 motherboards now available, and also provided a great H370 motherboard, and also an H310 motherboard, also.

2- Best AMD AM4 Ryzen Motherboards

AMD released their new X570 chipset AM4 motherboards to go along with their 3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs a couple of months back. Nevertheless, AMD nevertheless has not released the budget-friendly B series of their chipset motherboards for the more recent 3rd Gen CPUs of theirs.

There are several B450 motherboards available that are actually agreeable with 3rd Gen Ryzen processors out-of-the-box and in case you’re an older Ryzen CPU, you are able to additionally use that to flash a B450 board’s BIOS to accommodate the more recent CPUs.

And, obviously, with the release of the more modern Ryzen CPUs, older 2nd generation Ryzen CPU costs have dropped considerably, which makes choices including the Ryzen five 2600 a really practical choice for budget-oriented builders.

Ultimately, however, in case you are planning to develop a brand new AMD based gaming PC and you are searching for a great B450 or X570 chipset board to go with it, one of the 4 choices listed below must meet your needs.

3- Best Intel LGA 2066 Motherboards

When you are searching for a cheap LGA 2066 motherboard, you are able to forget about this.

The LGA 2066 socket isn’t for the casual PC builders that are merely trying to create a regular gaming pc.

Instead, LGA 2066 is created to deal with Intel’s severe edition processors and thus is just suggested in the event that you wish to go all out on the next PC of yours create.

Prices for LGA 2066 motherboards begin in the mid $200s and go perfectly into the $300s as well as $400s and beyond.

And, as a result, I truly would not suggest continuing with using the LGA 2066 socket until you are planning on shelling out a minimum of $2,000 total on the system of yours.


Having said that, in case you will still wish to develop an Intel-Extreme-based PC, here’s a summary of the very best Intel motherboards for the LGA 2066 socket…


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